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Jeannine Buscher

Jeannine Buscher

Co-founder/owner, Asheville Kombucha Mamas, Buchi

Jeannine is cofounder/owner of Buchi Kombucha and currently functions as business manager and oversees brewery operations. She grew up near Dallas, Texas, graduated from the University of North Texas with a degree in psychology, and went on to get her Masters in Occupational Therapy at Texas Woman’s University. She practiced as a therapist for a few years until her son was born and then received a Montessori teaching certification. Although doing therapy and teaching were both good careers, neither was super fulfilling.

In search of a better place to live culturally and environmentally, she moved to Asheville with her husband and son. Upon arriving, she experienced an awesome culture shock with the amazing people and progressive Asheville culture. She was inspired by the vibrant farmer’s markets and the excitement around local food businesses, and decided she would like to be a part of it. With the support of her husband, she started making a little more kombucha (which she had been brewing for years for friends and family) with the intention of selling at the farmer’s market. With this intention set, she almost immediately met an amazing woman at her son’s homeschool coop who also made kombucha. Deciding to team up, they became the Asheville Kombucha Mamas (AKA: Buchi Mamas), and were off and running. It wasn’t a grand plan, but it was authentic to who they were, and piece by piece, gallon by gallon, one relationship at a time, the company has grown.

Looking back, the common thread in her work life to this point has been a desire to do good in the world and help others do the same… When she found herself an owner of a growing company, she knew that this theme had to be a part of the company’s mission. Her dream is for Buchi to help people be empowered to improve their health by eating living foods, be an inspiration to other would-be entrepreneurs, and to grow big enough to be a platform for positive change in the world.