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Jack Becker

Jack Becker

Brand Strategist, Creative Director & Partner, Element Advertising

JACK BECKER is Element Advertising’s principal brand strategist, creative director, and senior copywriter. Highlights include:
• Provided senior-level brand strategy and creative direction for internationally recognized brands including Intel, Sundance Institute, Sony PlayStation, and MGM Motion Pictures.
• 20+ years of branding, marketing, and advertising experience.
• Formerly with EuroRSCG (now Havas Worldwide), the largest global agency.
• Internationally recognized, award-winning creative.

Jack’s 20+ years of experience have found him guiding creative and strategic executions for Intel, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Films, Sony PlayStation, etc., with stints that have included Creative Director/Sr. Copywriter with EuroRSCG Worldwide (now Havas Worldwide). Currently, when he’s not providing communication architecture, writing, researching, and offering brand strategy on behalf of Element Advertising, he’s messing around with his dog, Halle, somewhere in the mountains near his home in Asheville, North Carolina. Jack enjoys running like he’s being chased, strong, black coffee, and sunny afternoons that involve very little else other than listening to insects and tree frogs. Incidentally, he’s not fond of talking about himself like he’s someone else.