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Autumn Woodward

Autumn Woodward

Community Activist, Licensed Massage Therapist, Pediatric Massage Therapist, Autumn Woodward Massage Therapy

Autumn is interested in regenerative design and experimental social change. She is grounded in experiences studying models of community and service where children are happy, people’s eyes sparkle and there is a deep commitment to care.

Autumn has been influenced by time with Bri Bri friends in an indigenous community deep in the mountains of Costa Rica, on the edge of transnational boundary waters. Hosted by the Gross National Happiness Centre, she spent a month in Bhutan in 2013 with an international group studying livelihood and systems that give roots to happiness as a condition of social well-being and community sufficiency.

Humanitarian clowning with Dr. Patch Adams in Peru, and conversations about Tom Sawyer, humor and activism give her perspectives she draws on in her work. Currently, she owns her own pediatric massage practice, Autumn Woodward Massage Therapy, focusing on healing for children and families, in Downtown Asheville. She holds a Master’s Degree in Environmental Security and Peace from the University for Peace, and is interested in healing in the context of natural systems and our relationship with community.