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Asheville Flyer for Kids will feature a Kids’ Zone with 5 interactive stations with games, activities, crafts and challenges.

Our young readers relate to and are excited by our recurring characters — from the AFK Mascot, Banjo the Whistlepig, to our Fashion Reporter, Ashely Buncombe — because each character has a specific role to play in the paper, and in the lives of the children!

Sooz Ooki teaches them about PMA (Positive Mental Attitude), while The Outline Lady creates a “Color Me” page, and Freddie Darryll the Flying Squirrel designs a new Word Search game every month! Karen Donatelli andPeabean are all about food and fun in the kitchen, Professor Esther provides the answers to the puzzles, and DJ T-Bone & Radar the Radio interview REAL family oriented musical performers! Black Cloud is the resident Sad-Sack,Marion McDowell is our Super-Student, Outside The Lines Guy is a rebel,Baby Unicorn & Old Man Turtle are all about friendship, Shamus & Twizzle like to tell stories, and Mr. Woofy… um, well, he’s just a dog. Oh, and then there’sRay! He doesn’t say much, but he’s always around. Yay, Ray!